I feel like my true path in life might be to sell overpriced pillows on etsy

i eat the sugar and my face explodes into red pain



i gonna stop doing that

Burlesque is a silly movie but that is what is on TV right now

tho costuming for the burlesque (natch) is really good

also in low lighting the resemblance between young Christina Aguilera and Taylor Swift is downright startling. 

maybe it’s just because of my family but I get quietly mad whenever someone makes any kind of joke or criticism about the character/”authenticity” of people who get cosmetic plastic surgery

I don’t care what your reasons are and whether they’re born out of feminist or body acceptance sentiment or whatever you can fuck right off a cliff if I hear anything remotely shaming coming out of your condescending face about it

you can have your feelings about the safety of it and whether you think it’s an irresponsible decision/not worth the risk or w/e but don’t come to me trying to make value judgments about the person based on that shit

because I will HAVE WORDS

given that it’s always “she's plastic” it just feels like another step on the ladder of “women are lying to u with their makeup” fuuuufjfhfufuck off

I did close to 100 reps each of squats, sumo squats, and reverse lunges, and then later I ran a mile and this was a good idea but also a kind of a bad one


probably more of a bad one than a good one

sorry, higurashi was in my heart yesterday

thankfully i’ve been alone for the past week so nobody was hurt lol