Soylent Dinner: I Don’t Know Why But Now It’s Starting To Taste A Little Bit Like Onions???

I don’t like this, it reminds me of when I tried durian candy with Sarah in Pennsylvania and it tasted like bananas with roast beef and onions. I may have to submit to adding the chocolate syrup.

the one consistently good thing that can be said about soylent though is that if you have problems with scarfing down your food in two GIGANTO BITES like me then soylent will make you take your time because it is literally impossible to chug this shit, you would die

I’ve started my real trial of soylent now. I will endeavor to eat nothing except soylent until my supply runs out, which is probably going to be around 3 weeks since I don’t consume a full 2k calories a day.

Measuring it is really annoying because the calories are volumetric on the nutrition label, and I like to do everything by weight for accuracy.

Today’s meals are unflavored, because all I have is chocolate syrup and I don’t want to add sugar… that sort of defeats the purpose of eating soylent in the first place. I also left out the oil packet in favor of just downing a tablespoon of my own oil, which has somewhat improved the taste. That chalky texture problem is definitely improved by allowing soylent to sit overnight. I feel like blending in an avocado or a banana would fix all the texture problems entirely, but I can’t test that because I have no avocados, bananas, or blenders.

Whilst traipsing across the northeast I bought a giant hooded aram scarf that is like 3x the length of my body, it is my favorite thing of all time and now I need a penannular brooch for it which pleases me because I’m a silly, silly person

I’m finally back at home with my scanner and now I need to find someone in Broward county who wants to buy a cintiq before the 24th of November but not TOO quickly because I still need it for working lol……………………….

It has been so long since I’ve spent considerable time in real fall/winter that I no longer know how or care to try dressing for the season. It’s time for me to invest in a coffin.